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New Year…new, or same you?

Well 2021 was an elongated 2020, was it not?

As a collective, we experienced an extended period of fear and fear-mongering due to COVID-19. With that came new, not so-welcomed needed adjustments to living. However, we got through it… some of us did, and some of us are still hanging on by a thread. People have reported adjusting their weddings, pregnancy experiences, funerals, birthdays, relocations, and other life events because of the prolonged pandemic and due to financial, health and mental health constraints. Now, with this said, what can we possibly look forward to in 2022? A lot. 2021 was a year that we as a society, globally were forced to adjust and modify our way of living—and for the most part, we can hold witness to how resilient we all as human beings are. Yes, it did not come without its aches, pains, and heartbreaks. However, life almost seems more raw and real, right?

Myth: “New & Improved You”

The misconception that we should welcome a new year with a new and improved you—is far from the truth. This mentality may work for some of us, however—for others, what we have been doing, may have been working and does not need a new and improved version…but rather reflection and gratitude of how far you’ve come and recognition of all sorts is needed. This can be a time to take in and truly reflect on the progress, growth and development that you’ve been able to attain and plan to continue some level of consistency and continuity in order to see, experience and feel true healing, meaning and purposeful living.

How to Reflect on 2021 and Plan for a Successful 2022 via Vision Boards!

What is a vision board?

Before we get started grabbing our supplies, let’s talk about what a vision board actually is, and what is the point of a vision board (note it is sometimes also called a dream board or a goals board).

A vision board is a collection of pictures, words and phrases that are designed to inspire you towards a particular goal or desire and help you to visualize your dreams. When I first started using vision boards, most people would use a cork board or poster board for their vision board, but some are now moving towards creating a digital vision board instead. I would encourage you to do whichever works best for you.

The idea behind a vision board is pretty simple. By having a vision board in a prominent and visible place with your goals and intentions, your mind keeps being reminded of these focus areas, and your subconscious will work away at them. Vision boards are linked to the Law of Attraction, which is essentially about attracting into your life what you are focusing on.

Sometimes when we set out to achieve new goals, we start out very excited and write them all down. However, at some point we lose the paper with the goals written on them, or never refer back to the journal or planner that we wrote them in, and forget about the goals we set out for ourselves. A vision board solves this issue by keeping your goals front and center for our minds every day, and invoking positive emotions as you look at them (serving as a symbolic reminder) of what you’d like to accomplish, reflect and aspire to complete within a specific time-frame.

Do vision boards work?

There’s plenty of research to say that vision boards work! Visualization is a powerful technique, and Psychology Today has reported that athletes who visualized their training exercises received almost the same benefits as those who physically undertook the exercises.

Some studies have shown that just visualizing a goal (rather than the work to get there) may not be as effective, so keep this in mind when creating your vision board – you may also need to consider the work or steps to achieve your goal.

While visualization and manifestation may seem all a bit woo-woo, there really isn’t any magic to this. Regular visualization will activate your subconscious mind, and makes you notice things that were there before but that you weren’t focusing on.

I have created a PDF document to help you on your personal project and journey of creating your very own beautiful Vision Board. Click on the PDF attached below:

Creating a Vision Board
Download PDF • 1.68MB

I hope that this year has brought you development, growth, love and inspiration for the new year to come.

I look forward to seeing you all in 2022!

with love,

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